Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Exclusive edition of MANGA MUERTO at Latino Comics Expo Modesto!

I'll have a limited Latino Comics Expo Exclusive Edition of MANGA MUERTO: The Classic Collection available this March 15 & 16 in Modesto, CA!
You might know that I'm the co-founder of the Latino Comics Expo, begun back in 2011 at our first event at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, CA. Since then we've done a total of 8 shows across California and last year we even went to Brownsville, TX!

For this year's event at Modesto Junior College, I've got a new edition of last year's sold out collection of the 3 original Manga Muerto comics. It's going to be another great show with a lot of fantastic guests. One of the artists visiting us from Indiana is Jorge Garza, an amazing talent I'm looking forward to meeting.

In fact, I have an exclusive partnership with Garza this year: He's created a special print of El Muerto done in his Azteca Pop style!

This is a fantastic piece, and to be honest I haven't ever commissioned an exclusive El Muerto art print created by another artist. So this will be available in limited supply by Jorge at the show, but if you won't be out on the West Coast to visit the event, you can actually pre-order from Jorge's shop and he'll ship it out after the event. If you're considering getting this fantastic image, please order it and support his efforts!

Thanks and see some of you in Modesto next weekend!

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Latino Comics Expo coming to Modesto Jr. College March 15 & 16!

We're hosting our next Latino Comics Expo this March 15 & 16 at Modesto Jr. College in Modesto, CA. Hope to see you there. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend this family friendly event.

Check our page for details!

Thursday, May 10, 2018


I have a number of appearances in the Los Angeles area this May. A total of 10, which is probably a record for me after 20 years in this business!

I have a new lecture titled CULTURE AND COMICS that I'll be presenting at various libraries. It's a historical look at Latinos in the U.S. comics industry, covering the 1940s through today. I also share my upbringing in a bilingual Mexican-American home and how that influenced my own comics career. This year actually marks the 20th Anniversary of my comic EL MUERTO, so some of the material I cover will reflect on that personal milestone as well.
In addition to the CULTURE AND COMICS lectures, I also have several appearances at comic book events throughout the month. 

Here's the schedule:5/5: "ATTACK OF THE COMIC BOOKS!" - Sorensen Library, Whittier, CA. 9am-2pm. A free annual comic convention.

5/6: "GEEK ON" - University California at Riverside, Riverside, CA. 9am-6pm. A free comics/anime convention.

5/12: "East LA C.A.P.E." - El Gallo Plaza, East Los Angeles, CA. 11am-6pm. A free comics & pop culture convention. 

5/19: "CULTURE & COMICS" - Claremont Library, Claremont, CA. 11am - 12 noon. A free lecture.
5/19: "CULTURE & COMICS" - Baldwin Park Library, Baldwin Park, CA. 2pm - 3pm. A free lecture.
5/21: "CULTURE & COMICS" - Los Nietos Library, Whittier, CA. 5pm - 6pm. A free lecture. 

5/23: "CULTURE & COMICS" - Hollydale Library, South Gate, CA. 6pm - 7pm. A free lecture. 

5/24: "LET'S MAKE COMICS!" - Norwalk Library, Norwalk, CA. 4pm - 5pm. A free comic book workshop for teens age 13-18.
5/26: "Q&A with JAVIER HERNANDEZ" - Tia Chucha's Centro Cultura & Bookstore, Sylmar, CA. 1pm - 4pm. On stage career interview followed by book signing. Free admission.

5/27: "L.A. ZINE FEST" - Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA. 11am - 6pm. Annual convention for zines and independent publishers. 

I hope to see some of you at one of these events. They're all over the greater Los Angeles area, so please see which one fits your schedule and join me this Mayo del Muerto!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New comic SAINTS AND SINNERS available for pre-order!

*Pre-order campaign for this comic is over, but copies are now available in my webshop as of 9/24/17*

Kind of a spontaneous scheduling thing here, but I have a new comic book in the works that you can pre-order via my webshop....

SAINTS AND SINNERS is being produced to debut at the upcoming ALPHA OMEGA CON. It's a Christian comics & pop culture convention taking place on September 23 in Artesia, CA.I attended last year and was invited to return, so for this year I got the idea to do a collection of some of my characters who's supernatual themes would have a particular appeal to this audience.
The four previous stories that are being reprinted are the supernatural vigilante Maniac Priest, the possessed exorcist Demoniak, the demon-fighting duo of Jacob & Joaquin: The Wandering Jew and Catholic Boy and the hippie Jesus freak superhero Godson (who previously appeared in a Poster Comic, so this marks the character's first time in a printed book). 

And acting as host to these stories is a brand-new character of mine Ann Hellika, Hell's Belle! The newly created pages will introduce the other stories and give you a glimpse into her world.

 I'm running the pre-order campaign until Labor Day. This comic will actually be printed in a new size for me, a hefty 9" x 12" format! 20 pages, full color, and in addition to those comics there will be a gallery of production & promotional artwork, similar to some of the pieces seen here.

In addition to pre-ordering the comic (which will come with a free mystery print!), I'm also offering the original cover art as well as the back cover artwork. So if you want to get your hands on some original hand-crafted comic book art, now's the time to jump in.  

So if you're interested, I'd appreciate your support! Thanks.