Friday, April 13, 2007

Podcast interview at Small World Podcast

Earlier this week I recorded an interview with SMALLL WORLD PODCAST.COM and it's been posted here. This was fun to do, and as always, recorded interviews are interesting because I always fret over what I'm going to sound like when I hear the final product!

Well, this one went pretty good. Although I often think I have to many 'Um's and 'Ah's. Well, at least you can put a voice to my image now, those of you who haven't met me. Someone's going to hear this and say "Oh, I thought he was going to sound like Ricardo Montalban". I WISH!! But, regardless, there are some questions about self-publishing in there, mixed in amongst the usual comic book and movie inquiries. Bazooka Joe, the person who runs the site, had heard about the Muerto movie last month at the San Diego Latino Film Festival, so he contacted me and requested an interview. He puts together a nice show with lots of interesting people. I'm glad to have had the chance to contribute to his show.

Hope you find it informative and entertaining. :)

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Jason Martin said...

Hey buddy, congrats on the interviews an such!
You're starting to sprint by me in the marketing/coverage marathon ;)