Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rafael Navarro is BACK on my radio show today!!!!!

Hey Friends!

If you listened to my interview with Rafael Navarro on PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO live on Tuesday, Jan. 8 you may have heard some technical snafus! Not only that, but only the first part of his interview was actually recorded!

Sorry to Rafael and the listeners for that.

Well, in the interest of journalistic integrity, Rafael was nice enough to come back to the studio on Thursday, Jan. 17 and record another interview. So our crack tech team has patched together both interviews for an hour long interview with Mr. Navarro.

It will play today at 5pm on PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO!

Me and Raf talk about his creation of Sonambulo, how we both got started in self-publishing, his career in animation (including his recent Emmy Award!) and lots of cool comic talk (which eventually leads to Jack Kirby, Alex Toth and Frank Robbins!)


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