Thursday, May 01, 2008


I will be participating at the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event at THE COMIC BUG in Manhattan Beach on Saturday from 12-4pm. Big group of artists/creators will be there, so it should be fun for all. Come on down and get free comics!!!

Here's the list of participants. There will also be a screening of THE ROCKETEER!
Sam Sarker (writer, Caliber)
Dave Wilkins (cover artist, Caliber)
Phil Ortiz (artist, The Simpsons)
Scott Koblish (artist/inker, Marvel Adventures: Iron Man)
Joshua Dysart (writer, Buddha, BPRD: 1946)
Rafael Navarro (artist, Sonambulo, TV's Spectacular Spider-Man)
Robbi Rodriguez (artist, Maintenance, Hazed, Tek Jansen)
Javier Hernandez (artist/creator, El Muerto)
Ted Seko (artist, Billy Cole, TV's SpongeBob Squarepants)
Ray Anthony-Height (artist, Spider-Man Family, Noble Causes)
Danny Miki & Crime Lab Studios (inkers extraordinaire, New Avengers & more)
Norm Rapmund (inker, Supergirl)
Michael Aushenker (writer, Gumby, Back Issue)
Mel Smith (editor, Gumby)
Ryan Winn (inker, The Darkness)
Jose Cabrera (artist/writer, Crying Macho Man)
Lord Mesa (artist, Chibi hero art)
Brett Nance (artist, Spazz, Manboy)
Michael Delipine (letterer, Grimm Fairy Tales)


Jason Martin said...

Holy smokes, what a line up!

Sounds like a con to me?!?

Have fun, not Portland fun, but fun ;)

Maybe Spurge will show up to report on it :D

Anonymous said...

Free Comics Day triumphant! Mike Wellman knows how to throw a great show! Man, that was fun! Great hangin' with the Jav-master! Valentino's Pizza, baby! By the slice, none of that pie-sharing nonsense!