Thursday, May 07, 2009

Live Art at Whittier Library and Art show at GEEKS!

It's a double-whammy for me and my hometown of Whittier, CA! I've got two consecutive art gigs coming up the next two weekends. One is with the Cartoonistas and the other is an two-man art show I'm doing with my nephew Christian. The art show will be held at GEEKS comics shop, and we'll both be exhibiting new paintings!

Coming up first is a Live Art event May 16 at the Whittier Public Library. The same library where about 30 years ago I used to spend a couple of saturday's in row reading books on Norse mythology! At the time I was going through a big kick on Thor, the Marvel Comics hero whose based on the Norse god of thunder. I was fascinated by all the mythology presented in the comics and so I wanted to learn more about the Norse legends from the source.

I approached the library some months ago regarding an appearance for myself, but I also mentioned that I was a member of the Cartoonistas and they ended up booking the group as well. The library gigs are my favorite of all the events the Cartoonistas do. The kids are always responsive and the staffs are very attentive. If you're in the area on May 16, pleaese come by and watch us do our magic!

On May 23 GEEKS will be hosting 'Making Believe' the two-man art show for my nephew Christian Silva and myself. Christian will be out of high school a few weeks later, but he's really excited to be doing his debut art show.

I'll write (and show!) more about this exhibit as we get nearer to the date, but mark this one on your calendar as well! I'd love to see any fans at either of these events!


eric M. esquivel said...

Sounds fun, man.

JUNY said...

See you there JAV-MAN!!!

Anonymous said...
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