Monday, February 22, 2010

DIY COMICS CRASH COURSE coming to GEEKS comics in Whittier!

If you've wanted to self-publish your own comic books but weren't sure where to begin, consider taking my new class, "DIY COMICS CRASH COURSE", at GEEKS comic shop this coming March.

This 3-part class is an expanded series taken from my "DIY COMICS: The Secrets of Self-Publishing" seminars (which I've given previously at GEEKS and the Portland Comic Convention). In the CRASH COURSE, you'll learn about strategies to prepare you for self-publishing your comic book, as well as learning about the many available resources you should use to promote and build your brand name.

I started publishing my own comics in 1998, and since then I've learned quite a lot about branding my art, and myself as an artist, that I had not even imagined before I started publishing. My goal for the class is to share these insights with you and educate you on the many pitfalls of the difficult road to self-published comics. We're not going to be drawing or writing a comic book in the class, but we will discuss elements of storytelling, particularly how, ultimately, it's your personal voice that you're really selling to people.

My overriding theme in doing my own comics over the years has been the complete freedom in following my own ambitions. Since starting in 1998, I've sold my comics through comic shops, specialty bookstores, comic conventions, book festivals, art galleries, the internet and other venues. We'll discuss how to do that by working with others, as well as relying on yourself.

MARCH 8, 9 & 10

8:15 pm - 9:15 pm daily

6747 Greenleaf Ave
Suite A
Whittier CA 90601
Ph. 562.696.9393

$50 per attendee (includes the DIY COMICS CRASH COURSE Handbook)

Download the Registration Form, fill it out and mail (or drop off) to GEEKS with your payment. If you have any questions about the class, email me at 


Greenblatt the Great! said...

Jav, you're the new Joe Kubert with a dollop of "How to Draw the Marvel Way!"

Have fun with the Jav Academy!


Javier Hernandez said...

Oh no, no, no....!! Kubert?! That man is a Master!!

I'm just trying to let folks know that there ain't no magic or mystique to publishing their own comics. As you know, it takes a heck of a lot of work and steely determination, so I just want to let people know how to prepare for that.

And if I can deliver this through a commercial enterprise, then why not?


Prof. Jav

Jose and Naomi said...

Man I really like this whole school thing. You got something going here. I got some ideas of where you might get some money to start a school.