Thursday, January 13, 2011

Personalized artwork from a student and an El Muerto birthday party

Last evening in my comic book class, one of my students gave me this:

Me dreaming about my comic book creation, El Muerto...! 

The student's name is Matthew, and for Christmas I had given him a sketchbook to encourage him to keep a lot of his drawings together in one place. I met his parents at a Starbuck's over the Christmas break and gave them the gift. That's such a cool drawing, and very much appreciated.
Matthew was in my class last Fall, and I actually met him and his parents earlier that year at a local library where I was doing a Live Art presentation with the Cartoonistas. One day I received an email from his mother asking if I'd be willing to perform a Live Art/comic drawing demostration at her son's upcoming birthday party. I thought it was a neat idea, and so we settled on a price and some months later I did my first ever birthday party performance. We even ordered a custom-made El Muerto piñata for Matthew! And his mom had ordered a custom-made El Muerto cake as well. It was a superhero themed party, so the whole day turned out to be a real fun event, even for the kids!

It's great to see such supportive parents of a talented child. Matthew's got a lot of creative outlets for his talents, and there's no reason to think he won't remain active with his art as he gets older. 

Thanks to Matthew for the wonderful drawing he gave me, and to Ben & Cathy for being supportive of my work as well!


Jim Lujan said...

That is really sweet. What a good kid!

BWT said...

Dang! That's cool Mr. J

Javier Hernandez said...

BWT and JL: Thanks. These are the little moments about being a creative artist that you never plan for, but when they happen you're glad they did!

wompstudios said...

So COOL!!! You are now an official Comic Book "ROCK STAR". Way to Go!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for teaching the kids
at Pico Park, My son Matthew enjoys the class very much, your great sense of humor and loving what you do makes the kids want to learn more and makes the class fun!
its been a great pleasure meeting you and meeting the crew from Cartoonistas, they are awesome talented peaple...Thanks for that cool party! the kids cant stop talking about how much fun they had
we will definetly never forget it!
I really appreciate everything you did to make it even more special!
Ben and Cathy Salazar

Javier Hernandez said...

Ben & Cathy: A appreciate the good words. Thanks!