Friday, June 29, 2012

Sketches and drawings and doodles

Sometimes I'll share some artwork I've created over at my Facebook page, or via Twitter. I also post lots of artwork on my page at DeviantArt. But I should remember to also share it here, for those of you who may not come across those other pages.

So here are several pages from my sketchbook. These were done within the last 2 weeks or so....

Etrigan the Demon, created by Jack Kirby in the early 1970s. © DC Comics

Devilman, created by Japanese comics creator Go Nagai, early 1970s. (What is it with demons and the early 1970s?). © Go Nagai and Dynamic Productions.

A character I'm currently working on as a Poster Comic. Miss Maude!

Here's a pair of doodles I did this morning. I call these doodles because I drew them without penciling them first. I just got my pen marker and started drawing, not worrying about making mistakes, or trying to draw correct anatomy or proper perspective. Just draw, and splash on some color with my Tombow markers....

Miss Maude and Weapon Tex-Mex © Javier Hernandez

The Coma © Javier Hernandez

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