Sunday, July 14, 2013

Read MANGA MUERTO online!

This being the opening weekend for Guillermo del Toro's new movie PACIFIC RIM, I thought I'd use the opportunity to put together a digital comic book to share with the world!

PACIFIC RIM is a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters, based on the genre invented in Japanese pop culture. Familiar to American audiences through such fare as GIGANTOR, GIANT ROBOT, MAZINGER Z and NEON GENESIS EVANGELION (among scores of others!) I myself dove into this genre with a creation of my own. Or a recreation....

Spinning out of my comic book character El Muerto, in 2000 I created an alternate version of El Muerto I called MANGA MUERTO! These stories feature El Muerto as a foreign exchange student in Japan, teamed up with his own giant robot called SKELETRON

In 2001, I teamed up with friend and fellow cartoonist Ted Seko, as I wanted to include his character Skyman (since renamed Fusion Man) in a new story featuring giant robots and giant monsters (or specifically giant cyborg Monster Meks!).

The book was printed as a mini-comic, then later published in the comic book MANGA MUERTO Vol 1. Since that book is now out-of-print, I thought I'd share the Skyman/Muerto story with everyone online....for free!

The original b&w mini-comic featured a back cover by illustrator Mark Jiro Okui (creator of cult zine CALLING MONSTER ISLAND). For this new digital edition, I've once again put it on the back cover, but this time I colored it. 

Enjoy the freebie!

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