Friday, March 14, 2014

SUPER 75ers.... A brand new comic!

So I've got a brand-new comic I've produced for online consumption, a 4 page story featuring the debut of...

The SUPER 75ers!

They're a superhero team active in the mid 1970s (the same era I started reading comics...). Taking cues from the pop culture zeitgeist of the era, I came up with a group of characters drawing from kung fu, blaxploitation and exorcist films & comics. And also, I haven't actually done a story with a team, so it was fun juggling the three characters around.

And of course, heroes really shine when confronting villains, so I present this monster amalgamation:

Here are the individual promos I made for the heroes:

The 4 Pager featuring the SUPER 75ers is the second one I've done (the first featured my brash, blue T-rex DINOSAURIO), and I've got another in the pipeline. But right now, it's time to head back almost 40 years ago and read the premiere adventure of the SUPER 75ers!

Click here to read the SUPER 75ers on my DeviantArt page. If you want to enlarge it, click on the comic page. Use the NEXT > arrow to advance to the next page (located in the top left-hand corner).


Jason Martin said...

love it man
very well executed
and tons of fun
(but you know I dig some bronze baby!)...
Demoniak is actually a very cool idea for a character sir, rife with potential.
Very nice!

Javier Hernandez said...

Thanks, Jason, I appreciate the words.

And I figured this story would reach out and touch some of my fellow Bronze Agers!

Demoniak... Yeah, he ain't no fuzzy gun-totting racoon, but he might have a future!