Sunday, February 24, 2008

Special EL MUERTO Movie Podcast on 2.26.08!

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, I'll be having a very special episode of PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO! My guests will be two filmmakers from the EL MUERTO movie: Screenwriter/Director BRIAN COX and musician MARTIN ESPINO, who performed all the Pre-Columbian instruments and Nahuatl chanting heard in the film.

With the EL MUERTO screening taking place March 7 at the WHITTIER FILM FESTIVAL, this is a great time to talk about the making of the film with my fellow filmmakers. I'll be sure we cover things that aren't mentioned in the commentary track found on the DVD with Brian and myself. New scoops and some great background anecdotes, straight from the director who made the film!

Plus we'll have some music performed live in studio by my friend and fellow Whittier resident, Martin Espino! I actually got Martin the gig on the film. My director wanted to incorporate actual indigenous Aztec music and chanting in the picture, so I immediately recommended Martin. I'm glad it worked out, because Martin is such a long-time practitioner of pre-Columbian music that his authenticity really enriches the film.

This is a little surreal to me: to be having the director of my comic-to-screen adaptation on a radio show I'm hosting! And the radio show is a result of my years of self-publishing my own creation. Life is one big circle, folks. Don't stop me, I don't want to get off!


Michael Aushenker said...

GOOD IDEA! I can't wait to hear what Brian has to say about the making of the MUERTO movie!

Kuzeh said...

Oh man,
I missed this, I was out of town last week and didn't check my e-mail for news. Anyway, I hope all went well, and hopefully I can check the show at a later date.
Too late for questions I guess...
Anyway, take care Javi