Friday, July 25, 2008

San Diego Comic I come!!

Well, I originally wasn't going to attend Comic Con (which is why I haven't posted about it!) but it turns out through some good fortune I will indeed be attending Comic Con!

I'll be there by Saturday afternoon, just hanging out and checking in with several of my friends in the Small Press Pavilion. I also want to attend the Steve Ditko panel, hosted by Blake Bell.
Saturday July 26: 5:30-6:30pm, Room 4
"World of Steve Ditko" panel featuring Jim Starlin, Kim Deitch, Gary Groth, Dean Mullaney, Liana K. and Carl Potts.

As I mentioned, I wasn't planning on attending the Convention this year. The cut-off time to order a table came and went just way to quick for me! 'Early bird gets the worm' nowadays at Comic Con, that's for sure. The show has just grown beyond the capacity of the Convention Center in the last couple of years, and if you don't jump on getting an exhibitor table, or even an attendee badge, you might get shut out.

But I'm sure glad to be going! I actually like attending the show as a 'spectator', believe it or not. I think the first show I attended was about 1992, and went every year up to 1998, when I started exhibiting under LOS COMEX. And doing the Con as an exhibitor is also fun and exciting in it's own way. But being able to walk the vast cavern of the Exhibit Floor and checking out assorted panels ,well, that's fun. I know a lot of my fellow exhibitors wouldn't go out of there way to attend the shows if they're not working it. And that's fine for them. But for me, I still have that love for not only the comics, but the whole crazy culture of comics. To be able to walk a floor and look for inexpensive 1970s back issues, or find bobble heads of characters like Speed Racer of the Banana Splits, or running into old friends, well, how could I not like that!

I'll share my weekend at the Con, with the all-important photos, when I get back. Look for the post by Wednesday or so next week!

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