Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CARTOONISTAS Live Art Bootcamp!!

On Sunday, several of us Cartoonistas were at Co-Founder JIM LUJAN's home training in his no-hold-barred Live Art Bootcamp!

Several of the Cartoonistas will be participating in the Nuvein Foundation's 3rd Annual Gala on Saturday, Oct 4, in El Monte, CA. We'll be providing an evening of Live Art. And since some of us (me included) never actually performed Live Art, we figured Jimmy outta whip us into shape!

Obviously, every time I've drawn over the last umpteen decades (!) has been 'live art'. But I wanted to get a feel for drawing on a large sheet, in a limited time, and being as spontaneous as possible. We have two shifts for our performance, and limited time, so practicing some speed drawings can't hurt. I decided to start the evening off with my little baby, the Man-Swamp!

I wasn't too happy with it, as it looked too empty and skimpy. But, never fear, here comes Jim Lujan and his Magic Chalk! Man-Swamp and Jimmy...two great tastes that go great together!

Ted surveying his artwork with the eyes of a stern critic!

A Halloween art jam started by Grasiela Rodriguez. Didn't take long for the rest of us to jump on that like flies cream??!

Grasiela taking a break to shoot the breeze with Renato Aguirre.

Renato is my fellow producer on Planet Comic Book Radio, and is also a Board Member of the Nuvein Foundation. Nuvein is a literacy and arts advocacy group in the San Gabriel Valley, and provides support to PCBR. I've been on the Marketing Committee of Nuvein since December of last year, and in fact was just nominated to join the Board! A great honor, of course, but can someone please clone me?!

I busted out this piece in a flash of inspiration. Going back to my Undead Mariachi roots!

Jim's done live art before (sharing stages with James Kolchaka, Lea Hernandez and James O'Barr) so he was in his element here. Actually, his art style lends itself to live art. He rips through a drawing (finished a mini comic recently over two lunch breaks!!) and creates it with real live, kinetic energy. One of the reasons he told me he wanted to start the Cartoonistas group was to build a following as a Live Art group here in the San Gabriel Valley. I'm glad that we're about to perform our first Live Art event as a group, and we've already lined up another gig at a local library in at the end of October.

Check out Jim's precise composition here:

Followed by that dramatic, apocalyptic stage lighting he's known for!! Take that, CLOVERFIELD!!

Amongst all the great art and the fun, geek talk, we stuffed our faces with Pizza and soda pop, candy and chips, and a couple of toasts of the bubbly! That's what I call boot camp!

Check out Jim's pix at the CARTOONISTAS site!

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Jim Lujan said...

What a nice recap. Thanks for all the kind words, you wordsmith, you. By the way. I totally LOVED that ManSwamp, even before color. Your Mariachi Skeleton kicked booty, too.