Friday, September 19, 2008

Podcasting and TV interview updates

My interview with artist RHODE MONTIJO is now available at the PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO site. I've known Rhode for as 11 years, having met him at a comic book convention a year before I first published EL MUERTO. In that time, we have both been great supporters of one another's work, and I consider him one of my best friends. His amazing creativity has been wonderful to watch over the years, crossing over from comics, web cartoons and now children's books.

He's always up for adventure and lives life to the fullest. Once, when we were working on the post-production for the EL MUERTO movie, he happened to have been in the Burbank area and joined us for some audio looping! I can't tell for sure that his background voice work made it onto the final recording, but at least his EL MUERTO painting made it to the Guest Artist gallery on the EL MUERTO DVD. Check out the interview, and get a portrait of an artist who puts all his passion into his art, and a healthy sense of optimism.

In other podcasting news, the second episode of my other show, the bi-weekly JAVILAND, is now available for download. In this episode, the topic was 'Creating Comic Book Characters', and the discussion focused on what we create first: The character or the story. I was joined by three other cartoonists and we had a good, varied discussion on the topic. That's the objective of JAVILAND: to discuss with other creators topics relating to the creation and publishing of our own comic books.

And the final 'media alerts' I have for this entry is the news that the cable access tv interview me and my fellow CARTOONISTAS filmed a few weeks back is now available to watch! It's posted on the CARTOONISTAS site here. Now back to work...!

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