Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bionic sketching

Here's a sketch I did last week. Drawn with a plain old Bic pen.

I drew this after listening to a live podcast, The Mini Comics Dumptruck. The subject matter are from the 1970s SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN tv series. Drawing on the left is from a screen capture of the Bionic Bigfoot, played by wrestling legend Andre the Giant. The sketch on the right is the Robot (or Maskatron, as the action figure was called). The Robot was drawn with no reference.

Both characters were recently drawn by a fellow artist, Mark Rudolph, so I was inspired to take my own crack at drawing them. It's interesting for me to see the difference in a drawing I've done from looking at a reference image vs. one that I created only by my memory of the character. (Helps being such a geek for this stuff!)

Drawing with a ballpoint point offers a different experience, and final result, versus drawing with a marker, pencil or ink & brush. The way the pen point literally rolls over the surface of the paper is unique to the construction of the pen. I really like the idea that a simple pen and sheet of paper allows you to create some art. Total price about, I don't know, .65¢ ??

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