Monday, June 15, 2009

Another HUMAN FLY post!

Readers of this blog will have no doubt heard me blather on about THE HUMAN FLY, the 1970s Marvel Comic written by Bill Mantlo based on a real-life costumed stuntman.

Well, the other day I was going through one of those intimidating piles of books/comics/papers/drawings I have laying about the studio space here, and lo and behold I found this missing photograph!

Yes, my friends, an actual Honest-to-Evel Knievel HUMAN FLY publicity photograph! By a billion-to-one chance, a few years ago I saw this on Ebay. I was, thankfully, the only Bidder and got it for probably less than $10-$15, if memory serves me. Outside of the 19 issue Marvel Comics run, I know of no other licensed FLY memorabilia. (Man, how I wish a secret stash of an unreleased HUMAN FLY Mego action figures would show up out of nowhere!).

The photo isn't hand-signed, but what a cool looking pic. Totally cheesy, yet badass in it's own way! Anyone knows of any other FLY stuff floating out there, lemme know!

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