Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A wonderful 'fan art' piece for EL MUERTO

8 months ago I opened up a Deviant Art page. My friend Jason Martin, who I met a few years ago at San Diego Comic Con as we sat side by side in Arist's Alley, recommended I get a page. He often spoke of the benefits of both having a forum for sharing your artwork and also being exposed to a whole world of art.

So, I opened one.....and never went back to update it! A few weekends ago I decided to go back to my Deviant Art page and finally update it with some pics of MAN-SWAMP and MANGA MUERTO, two projects which will be released as comic books in the next months. C'mon, I never let an opportunity to promote my work pass me by!

And last week I was checking out the other artwork on Deviant Art, looking for people's takes on such characters as Devilman, Mr. A, etc. etc. Well, on a whim I decided to enter 'El Muerto Javier Hernandez, just to see if anyone had done some art I hadn't seen before. Well, I found several pieces, most of them were pinups friends of mine had done before. And it's cool that they post it on their various sites, I mean, it's more exposure for El Muerto, right?

Well, there were a couple of pieces I had never seen before, and boy was I surprised and delighted to find them!

The artist's Deviant Art name is *BeatingDeadHeroes*, and her piece really struck me. For one, just to see a piece of EL Muerto art that someone created is always an honor. But also because of the fact that it's such a beautiful piece! It looks like the sort of watercolor piece you'd see in an illustrated storybook of EL Muerto.

*BeatingDeadHeroes* did two pieces, so check out her Gallery to see the other one, as well as all her other work. She actually works in a wide variety of mediums: Illustration, photography, Paint, Printmaking etc. Her comments about her thoughts behind each piece are insightful, and really makes the whole Deviant Art process appealing.

She mentioned that she had actually seen the Muerto movie on cable, and was inspired to create these pieces. I always figured that once the film was out, and as time went on, people would discover it on their own. This is one of those instances where the film moved someone to create some artwork. That's the truly great thing about getting a movie made out of your comic. More people are apt to see the film, way more people, than would ever come across your independent comic book. And film or comic, it's still your character, your idea, that they see.

Me and *BeatingDeadHeroess* now have a swap in progress: I get to have the original watercolor, and she'll be receiving some Muerto comics! To check out some of the other El Muerto guest artwork, check out my Favorites Gallery here. And if you have your own Deviant Art page, let's be friends!


Anonymous said...

Artists name is actually BeatingDeadHeroes, not horses. She is a good friend of mine, its good to see this awesome recognition for her.

Javier Hernandez said...

Anonymous, I am so sorry I wrote *BeatingDeadHorses*!! I feel like an imbecile!! I've now corrected my post to reflect her correct screen name *BeatingDeadHeroes*. Geez, that was lame of me....!

And her work should indeed be recognized.