Thursday, March 08, 2012

Original art on Ebay

I've put some original art pieces on the auction block over at my Ebay page.

Earlier in the year, I drew a pair of sketch cards featuring two of my favorite Peter Sellers characters, Dr. Stranglelove and Inspector Clouseau from PINK PANTHER fame:

I found them in a drawer in my desk and decided to put them up for sale.  I ended up drawing up some new sketch cards featuring some of the recent charactes from my Poster Comics, such as The Spider-Calaca and The Wake:

And I also drew cards with The Coma and El Muerto:

I also put this up for auction, an EL MUERTO Vs THE COMA illustration I did last year was I was working on the THE COMA comic book last fall:

If you'd like to bid on these, please visit my Los Comex Ebay page. Auction ends Sunday evening, March 11!

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