Sunday, September 13, 2009

Coloring contest winners announced!

The judges have voted!

We have our three winners for the HERNANDEZ TRIFECTA COLORING CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS! Artists were asked to color this piece illustrated by Jim Lujan featuring El Muerto, Man-Swmap and Demolition Dove. Winners were just announced live on my podcast, JAVILAND (episode #24: THE SECRETS OF SELF-PUBLISHING!)

Grand Prize Winner:


Justin wins these prizes:

which will be mailed in this decorated box, featuring jam art by Jim Lujan and myself!:

First Place Winner:


Vince wins an EL MUERTO DVD, signed of course!

2nd Place Winner:

Cameron Callahan.Net

Cameron will be getting some signed comic books!

The judges were myself, Jim Lujan and Ted Seko. All three of us voted independently, but had tough choices all around! We all agreed that each piece demonstrated a different approach to coloring, all valid, all very appealing. Each piece had varying degrees of emotional appeal, visual inventiveness and delicate color balances. But all of them really sang to us.

I want to thank my friends Ted and Jim for helping out as judges. Thanks again also to Jim for giving me that beautiful drawing in the first place, simply as a gesture of friendship. And my sincere gratitude to the participants for taking time to contribute their own unique artistic visions to these drawings! Art really is the gift that's irreplaceable, in my opinion.

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