Monday, September 28, 2009

Three comic book shows coming up!

I've sent my new comic book, MANGA MUERTO VOL 1, off to the printers, and I've just finished the artwork for the back cover of my friend Colin Panetta's comic, DEAD MAN HOLIDAY. I will, of course, update everyone here on the availability of those two books (and I'm going to check with Colin on when we can show the artwork online). It's my first full-color, back cover artwork, and I couldn't be happier doing it for a book I really enjoy reading!

Now I have to get ready for 3 comic book conventions over the next month and a half. First up is the 2nd SAN GABRIEL VALLEY COMIC BOOK FESTIVAL, being held on October 10 from 11am-5pm. The festival will be held at the Monrovia Library, running concurrently with the Monrovia Arts Festival the same day. Presented by the Nuvein Foundation, a local non-profit arts and literature advocate. C'mon down and visit local comic creators, and let's continue to grow our own hometown comic book festival!

I'll also be exhibiting at APE in San Francisco on October 17 & 18 (my 11th consecutive appearance!). Swing by and pick up both MAN-SWAMP and MANGA MUERTO VOL. 1, my two newest comics hot off the press! Plus new buttons, and more surprises!

And on November 15, I'll be making my first appearance at the Portland Comic Book Show. I'll actually be a guest of the show, and I'll even be conducting my seminar, "DIY Comics: The Secrets of Self-Publishing" at the show! Thanks to Richard from the PCBS for extending the invitation, and to my good friend Jason Martin for letting Richard know about me. I'm really digging the Portland comics scene, having been there previously for the Stumptown Comic Festival (which I blogged about here).

Here's the back cover/front cover spread for MANGA MUERTO VOL 1, cause every blog post should come with at least one pretty picture!


Greenblatt the Great! said...



Can't wait for supercool MANGA MUERTO book!

Rox said...

See ya Sunday!

Can't wait to see your latest and greatest (and you, of course)!

Greenblatt the Great! said...

Say hello to my main Portland pal Seth Weber when you hit the Oregon Trail, Javy! Looking forward to that report! IN NINE PARTS!!!!