Thursday, September 03, 2009

Free art on Facebook, from cartoonist Jim Mohan!

The other day on Facebook (yeah, I got a page!), I saw the Profile for JIM MOHAN, a Minneapolis-based cartoonist. He's currently the artist of "The Rat Race" in the local APWU (American Postal Worker's Union) newsletter! That's just cool that a Union's member's newspaper is running a comic strip.

Jim is running a promotion to coincide with the opening of the Facebook Comic Con. The first 1000 people who ask for a drawing will get one from Jim's own hand! I figured I'd throw my request in, and sure enough:

This is a very cool piece. Yeah, I know, surprising that I requested a Rom, SpaceKnight, right?! C'mon, it was either going to be Rom or The Human Fly! (Hmmm...)

Anyways, this is a nice little thing Jim's doing. In this day and age of billion dollar comic book mergers, and ding-a-ling company wide continuity crossovers, it's refreshing to find artists doing things for fun (and for free!).

Thanks to Jim for doing this!

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