Saturday, March 25, 2006

The first Official JAVZILLA entry....

First off, I changed the name of the blog! Originally I called it "The JOG- Jav's Blog", but soon discovered there was another comics blog called: "Jog- The Blog"!!!

So, JAVZILLA it is then.... (and remember friends, it's pronounced hahv-zilla)

Okay, so why do I need a blog if I got a nifty website with a pretty active Message Board, as well a nice lil' MySpace?
Well, folks, my Marketing & Branding Division tell me it's all about cross promotion. Fine!

I guess what I'll be doing here will be a lot of news updates bout me and my stuff, sketchbook postings, previews, as well as reviews of movies, books, comics, music and anything else that rocks my world. I'd like to use this blog also to talk about art and the people who create it. Lots of influences and inspirational creators that made me into the comic book guy I am today, so let's give all them other artists their due respect.

In other words, yet another comic book artist blog! But I hope JAVZILLA is interesting enough for you to come back and visit!

And here's our first piece of artwork to be posted. A quick sketch I did yesterday morning of Mysterio, one of Spider-Man's dastardly villians. I did this from memory, as I've long since memorized Ditko's far-out design in my little brain.

Image Hosted by

Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko (more on them later, believe me!) in the 13th issue of the original Spider-Man comic back in 1964.

Image Hosted by

A few years ago I actually bought my own copy of this book. It's one of my absolute favorite comic book covers ever. I've always had a thing for white backgrounds and multiple panels on a cover. And also with such colorful characters and Stan's overly hyperactive cover blurbs, lots of the early Marvel covers are some of my favorite images of all time!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My first secret post.....

Well, looks like I got my very own blog.....Whoopee! A website, a MySpace, and now a Blog...ah, I'm the king of my own little world.