Friday, October 28, 2011


This Saturday you can find me at the Day of The Dead event in El Monte, CA.

This event is put on by the Nuvein Foundation, of which I've been on the Board of Directors for the last several years. Last years event was a surprise hit, so this year should be even bigger and better! Fun for the whole family, and it's free! 

Event will be held at the Valley Mall:

10933 Valley Mall, El Monte, 10933.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Michael Lapinsky COMA artwork/Javier Hernandez FEEDING GROUND artwork

Michael Lapinski, freelance illustrator and designer, is also the co-creator and artist of FEEDING GROUND, published by Archaia Comics. Earlier this year, Michael asked me if I could contribute a pin-up to the FEEDING GROUND series, which I was more than happy to oblige.

FEEDING GROUND is a story about border crossings across the Mexican/U.S. border, with the twist being that the story involves werewolves! But beyond that, it really highlights the very real drama in human trafficking, geopolitics, and the truly perilous trip across the land, both natural and supernatural. An innovative approach to a very modern and relevant political issue.

Flash forward a few months later, as I'm prepping my premier edition of THE COMA. I only had room to include one pin-up in the book, but it was a natural decision to ask Michael to contribute. I really liked his expressive artwork in FEEDING GROUND, and thought that he made a very imaginative use of color in the book as well. I had actually mentioned to Michael that just as Ennio Morricone's scores greatly enhanced the onscreen drama of Sergio Leone's 'spaghetti westerns',  so too did his evocative coloring bring out so much of the story of FEEDING GROUND.

Here's Michael's Coma pin-up:

If you follow this link to Michael's blog, you can see his original sketches he came up with before finishing the final piece. And here's a brief, informative interview with him over at

As of this writing, there's exactly one more copy left of THE COMA Premiere Package, featuring the limited edition, digest-sized copy of THE COMA and some additional extras. Available via my blog while supply lasts!)