Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New interview with KAOS2000 webzine

Just got the link to an interview I conducted a few weeks ago at the APE in San Francisco. Phil Anderson, the interviewer, and I had met through my friend Rafael Navarro. Phil's a complete character! Very colorful and outspoken and funny as all heck.

In fact, he interviewed me sunday evening as I was breaking down my display table. He even mentions me being out of breath in the interview! The whole interview was conducted as I'm boxing up my books and rolling up my banner. Phil (and his partner) helped me pack as he asked his questions! Too funny! Also, Rhode Montijo, bless his soul, was carrying some of my stuff as we walked back to my van, with me answering questions the whole time!

It was the most unusual circumstances for an interview I've done so far. And Phil had really good questions. The usual comics/movie stuff, but also some questions on cultural identity and the current immigration topic.

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