Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Artist Residency: Day 1

Umm.... Well, today was my first day in the studio at Self Help Graphics. But, um,..... I didn't take any pics! Basically I spent a good part of the day finishing up some of my seperations. Fixing mistakes, adding the borders to the panels, etc. So, as I was working on some of the seperations, the assistant would be shooting some of the screens. I know this may not mean anything to some people, but tomorrow I will definatley be taking pics, as the printers will be doing most of the work and that will allow me to play Peter Parker, Freelance Photographer!

I'll share something with you about today though. SHG is located right in the heart of East LA. Before I showed up to the studio, I decided to take a drive a few blocks down to Evergreen and Ceaser Chavez. This is the block where we filmed a weeks worth of El Muerto. The cemetary that features prominently in the film (including the spot at the front gates where I filmed my scene with Wilmer!), Diego and Zak's place, the store where Diego obtains his clothes for disguise and an alley that served as a backdrop to a Muerto fight scene! It was really nice exploring those locations again. Makes me real glad to know that El Muerto has some legitimate East Los Angeles real estate in it!

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My maternal Grandfather, Grandmother, uncles & cousin are buried there. So is Sister Karen. I hope to rest one fine day in one of the fine new masoleums myself.