Thursday, October 12, 2006

New interview in Mexican COMIC ZONE magazine

Just got my copies in the mail today. The second issue of a new Mexican mag called COMIC ZONE.

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Real nice magazine with glossy pages. I did this interview via email a little over a month ago. One of the editors, Lizbeth Carrasco, contacted me and it was a pleasure working with her. I really love that they did a whole two-page spread!

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The article mentions that as a U.S.-born citizen with Mexican roots, I created my own comic book inspired by American superheroes and Mexican culture. Also, they mention that I'm better known as 'Jav'! I wonder if Lizbeth must have read my Message Board? That's what a lot of the Boardies call me.... She sent me the questions in spanish, and with a little mix of my own spanish and an online translator, I replied in kind. Course, I asked Lizbeth if she would correct any grammar and punctuation, as I didn't wanna come off like a complete knucklehead! Note to everyone: online translators are not 100% accurate, so double check what is being translated!

Lizbeth asked me if I could send her some signed comics so they can give away in a promotion. The current issue of the mag is giving away some Alex Ross/Paul Dini signed JLA stuff. What I like about the mag is that it covers a good variety of topics. Mostly of the superhero variety, like CIVIL WAR, but they also have a nice feature on Frank Miller's 1986 Daredevil: Born Again as well as two whole pages on 1996's Darkclaw, that wierd DC/Marvel Amalagation comic about a Bat Man/Wolverine character! And of course they have coverage of manga. Also in the new issue, there's a feature on Mexican-born artist, Jose Ladronn, who currently draws the Hip Flask comic book. Obviously they don't have the complete access to the American comics companies, but I think it's cool that their readers are exposed to superhero stories that they may have missed out on.

And I'm grateful that I recieved copies of the magazine. I did an interview for the Mexican edition of FHM and never saw it. Also, a year ago I did a quick interview for the Italian VOGUE (something a bout a Death Issue ?!) but never saw that. While I don't always get copies of every mag I get interviewed by, it would be nice to at least get the foreign editions. But this was a great experience, and I'm sure my mom is going to call the relatives in Mexico and have em hit the newstands.


Anonymous said...

Funny that it says you're better known as "Jav". Wikipedia says the same thing.

Javier Hernandez said...

Ah... Then I'll have to thank the person who wrote those great Wikipedia pages. (wink, wink)

Jason Martin said...

Or it could be this fine blog publication... "Jav"zilla :)

As long as they don't call you Jav Man!

Hey, speaking of Javzilla, maybe it should be Jav's media journal, you've got quite the string of publicity going on.

Coming to PDX for Stumptown at the end of the month??

Jason Martin said...

Oh, and how come that cool Muerto crossover cover art isn't on your blog or Myspace page?


Does Mort have exclusivity on that? :D

Javier Hernandez said...

Which crossover art are you referring to, Jas? I'm drawing a blank (no pun intended!)

Aaugh! I forgot about Stumptown! Rats... I do have a couple of Day of the Dead events I'll be attending to in these here parts though... :(

And, soon as I get a copy of URBAN LATINO's Oct. issue, I'll post that here, too! Media Journal indeed!

Say hi to The Tami for me, willya????

Jason Martin said...

The "Mort" reference in connection to a crossover cover didn't do it for ya?
How many El Muerto crossover covers are there floating around out there?

Saw El Muerto hangain with Bat Lady on Mort's Sadistik MySpace page...
pretty cool!

I assume you know about it? :O

Jason Martin said...

Or actually no, he has a Bat Lady page that I linked to from his Sadistik page I think... not on the Sadistik page...

Bat Woman?? Lady? I forget... whichever one DC doesn't use I suppose :)

Javier Hernandez said...

Ah! I didn't know that he had posted the Muerto/Bat Lady pic. Well,'s something we have cooking on the burner. :)