Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Night before Navidad

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Twas the Night ‘fore Navidad in the Cemetery,
Not one stray cadaver, save the Aztec Zombie.
His stocking was hung from his tombstone with care,
In hopes that San Nicholas would soon be there.

El Muerto lay peacefully atop his own grave,
No evil to fight, no one to save.
Visions of Maria danced in his head,
Wishing once more, that he were not dead.

The night continued to grow long and cold,
As he lay there, on a bed of marigold.
His most cherished dream would not give a rest,
As he longed for his heart, back in his chest.

Then, a few minutes ‘fore midnight,
To his most welcome delight,
A noise atop the mausoleum!
By golly, he could see him!

A great jolly man, brash and bright red,
Joyous enough to wake all the dead!
And with him, hard to believe, oh Dear,
I kid you not, yes, eight zombie reindeer!

A crimson and white suit made by the elves,
Black boots from Tijuana, straight off the shelves!
A big red sombrero atop his grand head,
Flying about on a magical sled!

“Now Mictlo, now Pepe, now Xotchi and Flaco!
On Cucuy, on Quetzal, on Calaca y Santo!
Away now we go, we’ve done our gift giving,
We’ve looked after the Dead, now to the Living!”

Off into the night, Santa Clause flew,
More presents to deliver, for me and for you.
Diego ran to the tree, decked out with light,
He hurdled the gravestones with all his dead might!

Nearing the tree, searching for his gift,
He thinks out loud, “Was Santa too swift?”
His heart all aquiver, he knelt on his knee,
(If he had a heart, I know! Just enjoy the story!)

Unwrapping his gift, El Muerto did see,
That his present was indeed truly lovely!
Not a heart for his body, or Maria, his treasure,
But something that gave him such wonderful pleasure!

There in the box, all awash in bright light,
Was a large sugar skull, decorated just right!
A cross and some flowers, all blue, red and yellow,
And written on top, his name, “Juan Diego”

He stood, cradling the calavera in his arm,
Sensing no loneliness, fearing no harm.
“It’s good to be remembered, on this festive evening.
Feliz Navidad to all! The Dead and the Living!”

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Jason Martin said...

Awesome dude!

Feliz Feliz!!