Tuesday, August 21, 2007

EL Muerto DVD hits the cover of another trade mag!

Over the weekend I stopped by a local comic book shop looking for some new books. I've been going to this store for years, and I don't think I ever asked them if they'd be interested in carrying EL MUERTO. I always get a weird vibe from the people there, for some paranoid/unfounded reason! But enough about that... So, I basically had a nice, incognito experience at this shop.

Afterwards, I went across the street to a Border's Bookstore. I walk in and right away ask the guy at the info counter for a coin to use for their restrooms. He tells me I can pick one up at the cafe. As I walk away the clerk calls out 'Excuse me." I look at him thinking he found an extra coin or something. He says "Are you a writer?". I smile and tell him that I do a comic book. "El Muerto!" he chimes in. Turns out this fellow saw me at Comic Con back in 2005 when we showed the first teaser trailer to EL MUERTO. He bought the comics and got them signed by me and Wilmer at the signing after the panel. Juan Carlos is the guy's name. Very cool meeting a random fan like that.

I told him that we had in fact just screened EL MUERTO at Comic Con last month. He told me he knew about the DVD release because they had recieved a trade magazine at his Borders with El Muerto on the cover! He asked if I had seen the magazine. I told him that I had to make it to the bathroom but if he could show me the mag when I returned I would appreciate it.

So I get back from the bathroom and he hands me HOME MEDIA MAGAZINE. It's one of those trade magazines that are given to buyers at retail outlets so they can order the DVDs for their paricular stores. As I looked at the mag, Juan Carlos asked if I'd like to have it (I was hoping he'd ask!). Of course I took it, and thanked him profusely. Very cool to see the movie based on your comic plastered on the front page of a trade magazine!

Here's the inside front cover:

As I was taking these pictures earlier, it occured to me how very cool this is (I usually get that feeling concerning the whole movie experience!). On the left side, taking up the inside front cover, is the ad for the DVD (retitled THE DEAD ONE, if you hadn't noticed). On the right side is the first page of the issue. On the far right corner of that page is a pic of Stan Lee (they're covering his appearance at Comic Con) and on the bottom right corner is a pic of the movie SPIDER-MAN. Pretty far out to think my own comic book character-turned film property, so much inspired by Stan Lee and Spider-Man, is sharing space in a magazine spread with them!

I told Juan Carlos that is must have been trippy for him when he saw the magazine, as he was already hip to El Muerto. He informed me that he was indeed tripped out. We chatted a bit and he told me that he actually teaches at an elementary school. Not wanting to pass up a chance, I let him know that I've spoken at schools and wouldn't mind speaking at his if he ever wanted me to. I also asked him to let his store manager know that I could come back to the store and do a signing for the DVD!

So, I walk in that comic shop and everyone minds their own business. I walk into a Border's and get recognition from a fan and the ad for my movie. See, I knew those people at the comics shop weren't savy on indie comics!

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Jason Martin said...

Ha ha!

That Borders chain is a hotbed of indie comics I tell ya ;)

Funny story, and cool find!

I'd be asking my producer if he could get me any other trades with Muert... er, excuse me, Dead One coverage! :)

Ha ha!