Wednesday, October 03, 2007

EL MUERTO screening in San Jose at SILICON, Oct. 6

In what has to be a great bit of karma, EL MUERTO will be screening in San Jose, the very city I first debuted the EL Muerto comic book back in February 1998!
SILICON will be held from friday, October 5-7 and is being held at The San Jose DoubleTree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place,
San Jose, California 95110. A multi-media event showcasing comic books/horror/sci-fi and lots of other cool things, SiliCon will be screening EL MUERTO on saturday, October 6 at 11:30am. I'll be hosting a Q&A following the film, and will also be on a Comics-to-Film panel that day. You can check the convention schedule for more info here. I understand that as of this writing, the panel is going to be moved to later that afternoon, as it currently runs the same time as the film screening!

I'll only be there on saturday, but I'm very much looking forward to showing the film. And like I said, I really dig how this is a sort of homecoming for me and El Muerto as that is where we both started our century-crossing, decade-long magical mystery tour in the unpredicatble, exciting and rewarding career in indie comics and film!

I'll report back here on how the convention went.

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Jason Martin said...

Good luck with the con Jav-man!!

So, you're just doing the screening/panel?

I thought you were guesting at the show too?

Rantz'll be there...

You'll have to let me know how the show was :)