Friday, January 25, 2008

Next guest on my radio show: Blair Kitchen of THE POSSUM!

I've mentioned Blair and his most excellent comic book on a previous post here. But just to reiterate, this talented and driven cartoonist crafts one fantastic book. Talking to him about his career and art is something I'm very much looking forward to.

So, as Blair is a Canadian artist, living in Toronto, I guess this puts the PLANET in PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO! My first exposure to Canadian superheroes was probably Wolverine! But I remember in the early 80s buying an issue or two of CAPTAIN CANUCK, a genuine Canadian comic book by Canadian creators.

It'll be interesting talking to Blair about Canadian comics, and how his character fits into that particular field.

And by the way, the Rafael Navarro podcast is now up on the PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO website. That was a fun show to record (twice even!). Me and Raf have a long, mutual history in self-publishing, with our paths crossing many times. Give it a listen to!

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