Thursday, July 31, 2008

My in-studio interview with 10 WORLDS STUDIO

Now up at the PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO website is my interview with the creators of LAZARUS:IMMORTAL COILS.

L to R: Editor Vincent S. Moore, penciller Alex Lugo, creator/writer Joseph Gauthier and your humble and happy radio host...ME!!

I had met Alex a few months earlier at the local comic book show I helped organize through the NUVEIN FOUNDATION (backers of my radio show). Alex is a local here in the San Gabriel Valley, and so I extended him and invitation to appear on the show.

He brought along Joseph and Vincent, this way we could have the principal creative team of the comic book. Beforehand, I wondered how this would turn out, because I hadn't had three guests all on at the same time. Plus I had not really met Joe and Vince before, and only met Alex briefly at the festival.

Turns out though that these three folks were tremendously entertaining and informative. They not only joined me in going over my weekend at Comic Con (I promise I will blog about that over this weekend!), but we spent 70 minutes talking about all kinds of issues related to the business and craft of comics! Topics that were discussed included Hollywood's love affair with the Con and comic book properties, spirituality, Jesus Christ, collaborating with others, the dedication needed for self-publishing and on and on. They even got a few words in there about their own comic book!!

Seriously though, I was really happy with this show. I hadn't had an in-studio guest for a few episodes, and to have three really interesting people all at one was wonderful. The three of them are pretty close in terms of friendship as well as philosophically, and the synergy they demonstrated was genuine and inspiring. I think we could have gone on for another half hour, but it's always good to leave 'more for next time'!

So thanks to Joe, Vince and Alex for coming on the show and sharing their passion for comics! (Now my next guest better not be a killjoy!!)

Let me share a little behind-the-scenes of the radio show. Usually, with the in-studio guests, we head over to a local Mexican restaurant for a post-show dinner. Well, the four of us continued the tradition and the energy level actually went up! What happens at these dinners is more shop talk, but really uncensored!! If the guest isn't too familiar with me, they'll usually ask me about my comics and the EL MUERTO movie. We'll also get to know more about one another on a more personal basis, but as I mentioned, we usually discuss more private matters about our work and industry issues! To be professional on the podcast, we save this stuff for outside the studio. (Avoids lawsuits, no doubt!)

Well, with that little tidbit, I guess I'll sign of the blog for now!!!

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