Monday, September 15, 2008

EL MUERTO:DEAD & CONFUSED off to the printers!

There's a new EL MUERTO comic book on the way!

I just sent the files off to the printers over the weekend. It's the first time I'm using a POD (Print On Demand) service, so it'll be interesting to see how the whole experience plays out! This book will debut at the Alternative Press Expo this coming November 1 and 2 in San Francisco. This marks my 10th straight year as an exhibitor at APE, and in fact I debuted El Muerto at APE back in 1998, so this is a real special celebration for me.

November 2nd is also the date that Dia de Los Muertos falls on every year, so this special celebration becomes an extra special celebration! (Dia de Los Muertos is the Mexican holiday that celebrates the life of our departed family and friends, and is of course the inspiration for elements of my comic book). Also, there will be some news to share with you of another Day of the Dead weekend event for El Muerto, one that will mark a new great milestone for my character. I'll share the news here as soon as I can (you know, need to coordinate with the other parties involved...)

In the meantime, here's a couple more pages from DEAD AND CONFUSED. I'll be writing here about some more behind-the-scenes insight into this book, with a few more images to share. El Muerto is back!


Kuzeh said...

I was thinking of e-mailing you asking about this!! ha ha!
Awesome news!! Man, you kept us waiting and pondering what would happen to Diego for so long!!
Can't wait!!
Will it be available through your website and all that?
Let me know when it's ready!!


Nah said...

Yeah! Very exciting, Javier.

Javier Hernandez said...

Mr. Colin and Kuzeh, thanks for posting. Yes, the book will be available on (gotta update the dang thing!!).

More news and sneak peeks to come, that's for sure!