Wednesday, October 08, 2008

First CARTOONISTA Live Art event pix now posted!

Geez, the CARTOONISTAS Live Art show was this past Saturday at the Nuvein 3rd Annual Gala...and I haven't had time to blog about it!!

Luckily, my fellow co-founder Jim Lujan has posted pics and video of the event! Please check out the official CARTOONISTAS site for the scoop! Personally, I had a great time there. Creating our artwork, and selling it, was quite satisfying. We donated all of the proceeds to the Nuvein Foundation to add to their scholarship program for local students.

I have to admit, also, that I enjoy doing any type of public event in regards to promoting my work or meeting new people. I love the art behind what I do, but also, I happily enjoy the marketing of oneself as an artist, especially since I've been a DIY type for years now. Also, it was really nice to be there as a member of this wonderful group of artists and friends, The Cartoonistas!

Here's a video clip shot that night that I have to share. It's some footage of me drawing an EL MUERTO piece (yeah, I knocked out a Spider-Man earlier, but I had to do the signature character!). What I like about this is that it's the only video footage I know where I'm drawing El Muerto, and you can clearly see how I lay out the drawing. But what I also like about it is that my friend Jim Lujan is in the background creating his own piece. I like the relatively relaxed nature of the shot, we're not talking or mugging for the camera (feats we're both experts at!) but we're really just lost in the art at the moment. One of the things Jim wanted us to focus on as Cartoonistas was Live Art, and there we are creating some.

Thanks to Ted Lujan for the excellent footage! And thanks Jim and all the other Cartoonistas.....

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