Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cartoonistas kicked it at GEEKS Live Art event last night!

The Cartoonistas' Live Art event, RECESSION EXPRESSIONS, was a big hit last night at GEEKS comic shop in Whittier!

GEEKS is a great store, and they've hosted us before for the Cartoonistas Gallery Show, as well as hosting my Q&A for the EL MUERTO film screening held at the Whittier Independent Film Festival earlier in the year.

The Cartoonistas inducted a new member to the group: Roxanna:
Here's Roxy drawing two of her friends in their underwear holding large loafs of bread! (WTF?!) Welcome aboard, Roxy!

Cartoonistas Co-founder and all around Super Patriot Jim Lujan crafting another page of yummy goodness:

GEEKS went all-out with the wild and far-out promotion! Here's our plan to inspire comic shops across the nation, 'A Cartoonista in Every Front Window Display'!:

Before any human rights activists get alarmed, we did indeed rotate the artists. So every 'Toonista got their turn to be put on display!

When comics geeks read that President-to-Be Barrack Obama is a collector (probably past-tense) of Spider-Man and Conan, well..I hadda address that!:
This got a lot of amused responses. Good thing Whittier is a 'Blue' city!!!

Speaking of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, here's a guy who debuted in issue #129: Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher!!:

In addition to our window easel, and our board leaning on the wall, we even had a sit-down Cartoonista Corner. We had that place covered!:

Me and Grasiela basking in our Cartoonista Awesomeness!:

In our continued effort to promote Green Cartooning, Ted and Steve save a tree by sharing a sheet of paper! Who says this isn't the Eco-friendly Age of Cartooning?!:

"I rock!" applies to Jimmy, that's for sure.

After we finished a piece, we'd hang it on a wall and folks would pick the pieces they wanted and pay at the register:

Sal from GEEKS asked me to draw him El Muerto as the GEEKS logo (if you see my hand-lettered Geeks logo, you'll see why I computer letter my comics!):

This was a great event, for everyone. GEEKS had pretty good business that evening, the patrons enjoyed seeing the artwork and bought up a lot of the pieces, and us Cartoonistas had a fantastic time drawing and yakking it up. Thanks to my friends the Cartoonistas, everyone who stopped by and showed support, and of course to Sal and GEEKS for hosting us yet again!

Check out The Cartoonistas blog for more pics!


Jason Martin said...

Wow, looks like a good event (and the Bama Spidey piece is swank)!!

Javier Hernandez said...

Well, I saw the Super Obama piece on your blog so I guess we're official White House cartoonists now!! :)

Thanks man!