Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Read the original Manga Muerto comic online!!

Well folks, I finally did it! Javier Hernandez lands right smack dab in the middle of the 21st Century!

I have, at long last, posted one of my comics online! This is actually the first Manga Muerto comic, from the pages of my old newsletter, THE BORDER! See kids, before Twitter and Myspace and iPods, people used to print...ah, nevermind!!

The story, "YOU ONLY DIE TWICE" or "DIAL R FOR ROBOT!" was written by me, and I also pencilled the story. However, my old pal and comic book compadre Rafael Navarro (of the award winning SONAMBULO comic) provided the finished art and his trademark dazzling inking chops. Me and Raf are both huge fans of GIGANTOR and GIANT ROBOT so it was natural that we team-up for this historic first Manga Muerto story. Basically I've just re-lettered the entire story, as the first time I don't thing stood the test of time in terms of quality or readability. But don't worry everyone, I didn't change any of the actual story! No "Skullion shot first!" controversies will take me down (George Lucas, anyone?).

Where can you find this story? At my new page over on WEB COMICS NATION! Please check out the comic (and Muerto fans can compare the old strip with the 'remastered' version!)


Jim Lujan said...

Truly exciting to see you venture online with your comics like this. I think the format is perfect for your strong line style. Hope you continue this trend of both print and online. Great method of cross promotion.

Rafael really did knock the inks out of the park, too. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

WebComicNation.com is definitely a great way to go with this Jav.