Friday, September 04, 2009

The "Hernandez Trifecta" Coloring Contest of Champions!!

Okay, so after all these years of self-publishing and making comics, I decided it was now time to have a contest! Grab your pixels, your crayons and make me a rainbow!

Yes, a contest, here on JAVZILLA, The "Hernandez Trifecta" Coloring Contest of Champions!! With real prizes! Thanks to my good friend, animator extraordinaire, Jim Lujan, for the original art and the suggestion. A week or so ago, Jim and I had a nice breakfast where he presented me with a drawing of my comic book characters, El MUERTO, MAN-SWAMP and DEMOLITION DOVE.

I was really taken back by the gesture, and also loved it as a great piece of art. Jim said I could to whatever I wanted to with it! He even suggested a coloring contest. This morning I kept thinking about his suggestion, and here we are.

So, here are the rules (and please keep in mind this is meant to be a fun activity for all of us to participate in!):

1: Image can be digitally colored, or print it out and color it by hand! Crayons, , acrylics, whatever!

2: Please don't redraw the image. I want to preserve Jim's signature line work for generations of fans to admire!

3: All artwork is due by Sat., September 12 @ 12 Noon, Pacific Standard Time. Email your entry to azteczombie (at) Please include as subject header: COLORING CONTEST. Include your name and any of your personal internet sites you want to promote. Email your artwork whenever you want, just get it in before the deadline.

4: Winner will be announced live on my podcast, JAVILAND, on Sunday, September 13, between 6pm-7:30pm, PST. If, due to unforeseen circumstances the show is not recorded that day, I'll post the winning entries on this blog Sunday night. Winners need not be present, but it's a cool show to participate in!

5: Everyone who enters the contest is giving me the right to display the finished, colored piece on all of my internet sites (blog, myspace, deviantart, etc) from now until the end of time throughout the hundered billion multiverses! All artists will be credited as colorists for their entries. For the first month or so, I'll use the winning entry as my avatar on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Your participation in the contest means you agree to these terms.

6: Winning entries will be voted on my myself, Jim Lujan and one other mystery artist.
Just please don't hate any of us after the votes!

7: Prizes!


King Size El Muerto #1, MAN-SWAMP #1 (featuring DEMOLTION DOVE back-up story), THE HUMAN FLY #1 from Marvel Comics!!, 3 buttons featuring El Muerto and Demolition Dove, a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil so you can make your own comics, EL MUERTO DVD (featuring the Javier Hernandez/Mort Todd exclusive El Muerto mini-comic). Also, I'll sign my comics and DVD. Some bonus items will be added as well to the package! And if all this wasn't enough, Jim Lujan and I will doodle up the shipping box with a one-of-a-kind jam piece. If this ain't the Javzilla Age of Giving Away the Farm, I don't know what is!!

Jim doodling up the prize box!

will get the EL MUERTO DVD. 2nd RUNNER UP will get a MAN-SWAMP comic and an EL MUERTO comic. All items will be signed.

Everyone should just have fun with this. At this point, who knows who will win? Will it be the most creatively daring entry? A traditional approach? I'm open to anything as long as it's great! Only 3 will eventually win the prizes, but everyone who enters will have their artwork posted on this blog for all to see.

Please post any question here on the blog in case others have the same question. Email me if you want a higher resolution version of the artwork. And below is pic to show you what these characters look like in color.

Thanks everyone, I hope we all have a great time with this!

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