Wednesday, November 04, 2009

EL MUERTO costume parade through the years!

Earlie today I received an email from a Joe Rodriguez in Waco, TX. Turns out Mr. Rodriguez recently caught EL MUERTO on cable and was inspired to dress up as the Aztec Zombie for Halloween!

Joe credits his wife Nicole for all the hard work making the suit. The bones and skull logo were cut out of felt material. A very nice version of the movie Muerto costume! These are yet another one of those unexpected moments I relish as a the creator of the character. It's totally a 'Wow!' moment for me.

As you can see, the whole family, including their daughter Luna Azul (Blue Moon), got into the 'spirit' of los Muertos. They even won a Halloween costume contest as a family! A double Thumbs-Up to Joe, Nicole and little Luna Azul.

Speaking of costumes, here's one from last year. My El Muerto.Com webmaster, Rick Rodriguez, sent me this pick after he dressed up as Muerto for Halloween 08.

Gotta love it when your webdesigner/host gets in the mood and makes his own El Muerto costume. Right On, Rick!

Keeping the costume theme going, about 8 years ago I had my own El Muerto costume made. No, not for me! I had it made so I could have a 'spokesMuerto' appear with me at conventions and other appearances. I had a total of 4 different guys wear the suit over the years. Since most of them appeared before I had a digital camera, I have to dedicate the time to scanning the photos. But here's one from 2006 San Diego Comic Con. The gent in the suit is Jon Alonso, a Portland, Oregon- based musician who emailed me some years before to approach me for a project. Well, turns out he was going to be in San Diego during the show and I asked him if he would do me a favor...

Jon's a singer in a band, so this Muerto naturally gave off more of a rocker vibe.

And rounding off the world of Muerto costume culture, I have to say with a huge amount of bias, that this is one of my favorites!

Yep. Me and Wilmer Valderrama, standing in the middle of a graveyard in East LA, a few moments after we filmed our scene together for EL MUERTO.(If I had to compile 20 photographs to highlight the favorite moments of my life to this point, that would definitely be one of them!). El Muerto's costume for the film was designed by Alexa Stone, who really added a great touch with the little bones lining the costume. My pancho was donated to me after filming by the producers, and the paper-mâché mask was made by me and my friend Steve Guerra.

Thanks to everyone whose ever donned an El Muerto costume, whether I knew about it or not! And thanks to Joe Rodriguez for getting the ball rolling, in regards to me blogging about all this, by sending me his pics.

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