Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Audio recap of COMIC POP and EVERYDAY PEOPLE art shows!

Well, you've most likely read my two blog posts about the Opening Reception to my art show, COMIC POP. If not, PT 1 is here, and PT 2 is here.

My show opened April 3, and one week later in Whittier, CA, my good friend, JIM LUJAN, had the opening for his art show, EVERYDAY PEOPLE, at GEEKS Comics. I was glad to attend, and it was quite the event. Tons of everyday people showed up to see, and buy, Jim's great paintings of real-life sport stars as well as characters from his awesome animated films.

Besides meeting some of Jim's family and friends, there were several of the Cartoonistas in attendance, showing support and having a great time. Jim and I co-founded the Cartoonistas a few years back, and it's been great to see the group grow with a rich diversity of artists enhancing the whole group.

But I'm actually more pleased when I see the individual artists grow, because in reality that's what makes an artist better. And of course, as each artist evolves and expands their talents, it only makes the Cartoonistas as a whole an even stronger group.

Congrats to Jimmy on his first solo art show, and I expect to see a whole new career for this amazingly talented and unique artist. As long as he remains one of my best friends, I don't care how rich and famous he gets!

Here's the most recent episode of CARTOONISTA RADIO, where Jim and I interview one another about each other's art shows!

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