Sunday, May 23, 2010

New WEAPON TEX-MEX comic for Phoenix Comic Con!

This coming Memorial Day Weekend, I'll be exhibiting at the Phoenix Comic Con. It's my first-ever show in Arizona, and as I've heard good things about this Con from some DIY comics creator friends of mine, I thought I'd take the plunge and head to Phoenix.

It's always exciting to get in front of a new audience, and I'll also be able to meet some friends of mine from Tuscon, the tag-team comic duo of Dave Baker and Eric M. Esquivel of Modern Mythology Press. Besides bringing along my comics and DVD, I'll also have some prints and original art with me. And, as a special exclusive to Arizona, I have a brand-new mini-comic I've just put together, WANTED: WEAPON TEX-MEX!

Weapon Tex-Mex actually appeared in the first comic story I ever had published. I was asked to contribute to an anthology called HOT MEXICAN LOVE COMICS, so I came up with this character to use in an anti-anti-immigration story, back in 1997. Seeing how the political climate is swirling around a new immigration firestorm from Arizona, I thought it would be most appropriate to reprint my original story, along with a new Weapon Tex-Mex story, and take it to the Phoenix Con. Actually it's the first new Tex-Mex comic in 13 years, so this is an interesting little collection. You get the first as well as the most recent story in the character's history.

I'll be at Phoenix Comic from Friday, May 28 - Sunday, May 30 at table T78. Los Comex is hitting Phoenix, baby! Planting the El Muerto flag in a new state, and ready to make some new fans.

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Greenblatt the Great! said...

Have a fun time at Phoenix Con, Jav! Looking forward to your post-Phoenix blog coverage, as I've heard good things about this convention and I'm looking forward to your impressions. Snap some good shots!

PS-I won't boycott you for doing business in AZ....after all ---- what business? ----you're in indy comics! :) But try not to root for the Suns, OK? Go Lakers!