Monday, July 18, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011...Here I come!

And I'll be travelling with some little friends of mine....  EL Muerto Mini Sketch Dolls!

It's been several years, but I will indeed be at the San Diego Comic Con this week. I'll actually be there on Friday and Saturday. Look for me in the Small Press area, at table K-05 (The Possum Press/Ultraist Studios table). I'll be hanging out with my friend and fellow self-publishing cartoonist Blair Kitchen, creator of THE POSSUM! 

I've blogged about Blair here in the past, talking about his Possum comic, easily one of my favorite comic books being produced this century! In 2010, I finally met Blair and his cartoonist brother Mike Kitchen at WonderCon in San Francisco. These guys each produce top-level work, and often keep up a pretty rigorous traveling schedule as part of their self-publishing efforts. 

Mike won't be making it out to San Diego, but Blair will have all the Ultraist Studios product at the table. I actually did an interview with Mike last year on my old podcast, JAVILAND. Here's the link to my podcast's blog with links to the interview. And there's also a link to an older interview I did with Blair Kitchen on PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO, an earlier podcast I used to host.

As for them mini sketch dolls I mentioned at the beginning.. .Yes, I have made some new ones just for Comic Con. El Muerto, as well as some variants, like Diabolico El Muerto, El Muerto/Diego de La Muerte, even a super special mash-up Possum Muerto! So new, so secret, even Blair doesn't know about it!! These 5" sketch dolls are all hand-drawn/colored by yours truly. It's like buying a 3 Dimensional sketch from me!

Looking forward to hanging out with Mr. Kitchen, as well as meeting up several friends of mine, some of who are making their debut Comic Con appearance as exhibitors. Hope to see some of you there!

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