Friday, August 12, 2011

Two release parties for two new comic books!

This Saturday night is a big weekend for new comic book creators. There are two comic book release parties going on in the Whittier and Pomona areas. I'll be attending both, showing my support and having some free food and fun.

Roman Montes de Oca is releasing his new comic book, USMZ, at the Foggy Windowz Gallery in Pomona

Meanwhile, an hour later, Ray Mendivil and Neil Segura will be throwing a release party for their new comic book, FOREVER FRESHMAN, at GEEKS in Whittier.

I'm really glad for these guys, as they're all hardworking artists and slugged away at finishing their comic book projects. And I must say, I'm particularly keen on the fact that two of them, Neil and Roman, actually attended my DIY COMICS CRASH COURSE last year at GEEKS comic shop. It was back on August 12, 2010, almost exactly one year ago from their release parties! 

Roman and Neil are the 2nd & 3rd from the Left. Me, I'm the Prof. Xavier of the group, sitting down and thinking "Hmmm...So who's going to be the first to put out a comic book..."

I guess I should open up an institution called Professor Javier's School for Gifted Cartoonists. Or I could go the Magneto route and form The Brotherhood of Evil Comic Creators!

Granted, they were already working on their projects at the time, and would no doubt have self-published their work. But they were still interested enough in taking the course, and there was plenty of discussion in the class about the do's and dont's of creating one's own comics.

Congrats to Ray, Neil and Roman for publishing their books. I'll be at both releases, and will be the first to ask "So, when's the next issue coming out?".

A question, mind you, that people never stop asking! (Trust me, I'm speaking from personal experience!).


Nelius said...

Thanks Jav, you are a great teacher and inspiration. Thanks for all the motivation and support. Your student success rate is higher then most schools.

Javier Hernandez said...

Mr. Neil, you're too kind. Thanks.

I always believe that if I can share my experiences in self-publishing, talk about what worked and what didn't work, and if it can help others in their own efforts, then it's all worth it.

And I always expect the other artists I share this with to go as far as they can, as long as they want.

Now, when's the next book coming out?

Girl With Chalk said...

Ditto on what Neil said!