Monday, February 06, 2012

Poster Comic for February: CONTRACT FOR LIFE featuring THE WAKE

It's finally done. This month's brand-new Poster Comic:

The character of The Wake is an idea I just came up with in time for this comic. You can read this previous Blog post for some early design sketches. To see a much larger sized copy of the comic (which is much more readable) click this link to visit my DeviantArt page, then click on that image to super size it.

Thanks to my friend and fellow cartoonist Ted Seko for some keen advice. I showed Ted my layout for the page and he offered some suggestions that really improved the storytelling of the comic. It really helps to have someone whose skills you admire and trust take a look at a project in the development stage. Now if we ever make a Wake movie, I'll have to get Ted tickets for Opening Night!

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