Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brand new online LOS COMEX store at Storenvy!

I've got an all-new online webshop at Storenvey!

Not only are all my previous comics available there, but I've also added the Poster Comics as well. The Storenvey set-up allows for a nicer looking store, as well as allowing for previews of all the books. The address is LosComex.Storenvy.Com.

To celebrate the 'Grand Opening' of the all-new LOS COMEX WEBSHOP, I've got a great offer on the Poster Comics. There are a total of 4 different ones available, so if you order 2 of them, you'll get 2 additional ones for FREE! If you've been following my blog, you'll have read these done-in-one, single page comics featuring THE WAKE, SPIDER-CALACA, THE WANDERING JEW & CATHOLIC BOY as well as the semi-autobiographic TO BE CONTINUED! Now's your chance to own these comics as 11"x17" prints on glossy, cardstock paper. This special offer ends March 31!

If you couldn't make it out to Wondercon this past weekend, fret no longer! Order whatever you'd like in the Los Comex Webshop. And all books come signed for free. Let us know at Checkout if you'd like them personalized to you or a friend.


Girl With Chalk said...

Wow Jav! That is cool! I should get one too! I like it!

Javier Hernandez said...

Thanks, Gras. I'm really happy with the change. And Jim Lujan of GHETTOMATION fame has alreay switched over to Storenvy as well!