Saturday, March 02, 2013

Some of my comic books are going out of print!

We're having a disappearing act going on with some of our comics in the Los Comex Webshop!


These two titles are now out-of-print!

Recently, the print-on-demand printing company I was using for the last 2 years or so has seemingly went out of business. 'Seemingly' because it's been reported by several friends I know who have used their services, plus the fact that my own query via email has gone unanswered. That, and the fact that their website has been pulled offline....

As for the other POD service I used several years ago, their pricing is particularly unnattractive to me, as the profit margin, if I price my comics fairly for retail, is thinner than I would like.

Offset printing, where usually you have to order an amount of 3000 copies, can run easily about $2000. My first couple of comics were published offset, but between the price and the years it takes me to sell that many issues, it's not a route I've taken for over 10 years.

So I am considering other options for publishing my books, among them making them available online. But, the reason I made this post was to basically to call attention to the fact that in some cases, I'm down to the last copies of some of my comics. After they're gone, some will definitely not be available as floppy comics afterwards. So, if in the past you've considered ordering some of my comics, I'd recommend you do so now if possible. There are two titles that are already sold out, and several of them have as few as 2 copies available through my webshop.

A few more copies of THE COMA are available...

I certainly don't mean to sound alarmist. Not trying to scare anyone into thinking I'm done making comics! It's just that a good selection of my printed floppies currenty in stock will be a thing of the past. Most will be back in another form, but if you like collecting comics in that traditional folded & stapled format, here's your chance to grab the last few copies online of THE COMA, ART OF THE COMA, WEAPON TEX-MEX Vs EL MUERTO, MANGA MUERTO Vol 1, COMIC POP & DEAD DINOSARIO.

If you have some of these books, you know I like to add extras to my comics, such as production artwork, rough drafts of pages, character designs, etc. And I loved designing the whole comic, the covers and inside front covers, editorial pages and ads. There was a whole process for me from the very beginning to the final production. 

Another comic that's down to a few more copies in the webshop!

Anyway, visit my online webshop and scoop up the final floppy printings of some of my work. For any upcoming shows, I'll have a few copies available as well, but once they're gone, that's it!

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