Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My color cover for the DITKOMANIA zine

I've done the cover for the new issue of DITKOMANIA, the zine devoted to the work of comics legend Steve Ditko.

DITKOMANIA was relaunched in 2008 by Rob Imes, after obtaining permission from original DITKOMANIA creator Bill Hall (who published the zine from 1983-1999). This issue's theme deals with Ditko's SPEEDBALL comic for Marvel, and the cover I drew features an assortment of Ditko's bouncing characters! (Clockwise from top: Speedball, The Screamer, Killjoy, Mr. Quiver and The Creeper).

Rob, as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, has continued to take DITKOMANIA to greater heights, and the new issue, #91, marks his first full-color cover. Ordering info for DITKOMANIA can be found on the DITKO FEVER website.

I've been contributing artwork and articles to DITKOMANIA for a couple of years now, and I'm very proud to have produced my first cover for the zine. Originally, I had asked another Ditko fan, Fester Faceplant, to color the cover, but there were some technical issues with his saved digital file so I recolored it using Fester's original as a guide. Fester, by the way, runs a prolific blog on Charlton Comics called THE CHARLTON COMICS READING LIBRARY, and is currently in the process of starting his own zine, The Charlton Arrow, due shortly.

Cartoonist Steve Ditko first started working in the industry in 1953. In 1962, he and writer/editor Stan Lee created Spider-Man for Marvel, followed by Dr. Strange. For DC Comics, Ditko created The Creeper and Hawk & Dove. Among his many other creations are The Question, Static and Mr. A. Even today, Ditko continues creating, including a series of 32 page comics released several times a year:
You can order Ditko's creator-owned work through his publisher Robin Snyder. Visit their page at THE DITKO COMICS WEBLOG for pricing and availability.

By the way, I'll soon have copies of DITKOMANIA #91 for purchase here on my site and at conventions, available signed and with an original character drawing of a Steve Ditko character by me.

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