Thursday, October 31, 2013

Celebrate Steve Ditko's birthday at Stan Lee's Comikaze this weekend!

This weekend will be my first time attending STAN LEE'S COMIKAZE, a three-day comic book/pop culture convention being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The show starts on Friday, November 1 and runs all weekend. I'll be in Artist Alley, sharing table AA955 with Jose Cabrera.

Interestingly enough, November 2 is Steve Ditko's birthday. Ditko, back in the 1960s, collaborated with Stan Lee over at Marvel Comics and together they created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Over the decades, Ditko has continued creating comics for various publishers, and even today, at age 85, he's still releasing new material through his co-publisher Robin Snyder. (Check this link to see the books, as well as ordering information for the titles).
In addition to selling my own comics and prints, I'll also have available "DITKO CONSIDERED", my one-page Poster Comic on Steve Ditko, and the most recent issue of the fanzine DITKOMANIA (edited/published by Rob Imes) for which I created the cover. On Saturday I'll have a little birthday celebration going on for whoever wants to join in. I'll be providing some snacks, and sharing some classic Ditko comics. So stop by and let's talk Ditko!

And if you can't make it out to Comikaze, you can always occupy your time by checking out my Pre-order campaign for my upcoming book "COMICS!"....

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