Thursday, November 28, 2013


Here's a brand-new comic I've just finished today, on Thanksgiving. A 4 page color comic that's actually a prequel to one of my recent comic books, DEAD DINOSAURIO.

DEAD DINOSAURIO featured the story of a T-Rex that was awakened at the height of the Conquest of Mexico by a young Aztec boy, Eztli. Together they fight back against the Spanish Conquistadores, but ultimately they don't survive. They are however resurrected as Dead Dinosaurio and Eztli, the First Calaca...

Well, I always was keen on showing some adventures of my cobalt-colored tyrannosaurus back in his heyday (some 65 million years ago, give or take an epoch or two!), DAWN OF THE DINOSAURIO does exactly that. I have more tales of Dinosaurio to tell one day, as well as a series of 4 pagers featuring all-new characters and ideas I'd like to produce as well. Four pages are relatively quick to produce, and they work in a printed format as a double-sided color print folded in half... Viola, a 4 page comic! 

After my series of a dozen one-page comics (Poster Comics), I've gotten real interested in creating short, tightly compressed stories. For now, I'd like to move onto these 4 Pagers, which will allow me to continue to explore a new batch of characters, and be able to do so in color.

By the way, the Poster Comics are collected in a printed comic book called COMICS!, and are also available to read online here. DEAD DINOSAURIO is now out of print, but it's available in my trade-paperback collection, THE LOS COMEX CODEX.

For now, please enjoy this first comic, the inaugural Los Comex 4 PAGER!

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