Monday, November 02, 2015

Happy 88th Birthday, Steve Ditko!

A very Happy 88th Birthday to cartoonist Steve Ditko!

With a career now in it’s 62nd year, Ditko continues to produce new work. For the last 7 years he’s been publishing new material in a series of 32 page comics. His publishing partner, Robin Snyder, with whom Ditko has been working with for over 25 years, has even taken to Kickstarter for their last 9 projects! It’s been great to be able to support them (and get one’s name listed in the books!).

Co-creator of SPIDER-MAN and DR. STRANGE, creator of THE CREEPER, HAWK & DOVE, SHADE THE CHANGING MAN. Plus decades of stories and creations for a myriad of publishers, most notably Charlton Comics. His signature character has to be MR. A, the uncompromising eradicator of evil who’s appeared in Ditko’s creator owned material for decades.

Info on ordering Ditko’s current output can be found at the Ditko Comics site.

Steve Ditko has been an influence on me for more than half my life, and today, as I continue on with my own career as an independent creator, even more so. Both for the originality and uniqueness of his work, and his steadfast principled individualism. The fact that he's still producing new work well into his 80s is a testament to the voice of the artist that never quits expressing itself.

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