Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I'm now taking pre-orders for my new book, MANIAC PRIEST: BOOK ONE!

Los Angeles, 1985.... The city's in the stranglehold of a crime wave. When the latest victims include the sister and niece of a young priest, a Biblical vengeance shatters the night! Maniac Priest....You don't confess your sins to him, you pay for them! 

Inspired by the vigilante genre (DEATH WISH, The Punisher, The Executioner), this new book is a mix of revenge story and supernatural thriller. Featuring 4 stories, colored in gray tones with selected spot colors, the story of Maniac Priest is my first 'Mature Readers' release, in keeping with the genres that inspired it, as well as staying true to the subject matter.

The book is 37 pages, 8.5" x 11" squarebound, and features guest pinups by a variety of cartoonists with
diverse interpretations of the character: Pharoah Bolding, Brad Dwyer, Michael Aushenker, Eric Mengel, Rafael Navarro, Byron Black with Michael Neno, and Ofloda Monstro. Also features behind-the-scenes material on creating the character.

I've had tremendous fun working on these, and I really feel the work reflects that. Here are some selected sample panels:

Pre-order campaigns, which some of you have been so kind to support in the past, help me pay for the initial print run. So your patronage is greatly appreciated. (Think of it as a bit like tithing, but you'll get a cool comic in the end!). Every book pre-ordered will come signed with an original sketch in the book by me.

I've also included several Artist Editions where in addition to a signed copy of the book, you can own some of my original artwork. One is a the colored marker drawing below and the other is a black & white ink drawing (this image is featured in the book). 

And for the adventurous collector, you can also own the original black & white artwork of the wraparound cover. This is done on an 11" x 17" sheet of Bristol paper, drawn in blue pencil and black ink. This wraparound cover is exclusive to the First Release Edition of the book, so you'll have a rare piece  on your hands...

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Thanks, and peace be with you....


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