Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Exclusive edition of MANGA MUERTO at Latino Comics Expo Modesto!

I'll have a limited Latino Comics Expo Exclusive Edition of MANGA MUERTO: The Classic Collection available this March 15 & 16 in Modesto, CA!
You might know that I'm the co-founder of the Latino Comics Expo, begun back in 2011 at our first event at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, CA. Since then we've done a total of 8 shows across California and last year we even went to Brownsville, TX!

For this year's event at Modesto Junior College, I've got a new edition of last year's sold out collection of the 3 original Manga Muerto comics. It's going to be another great show with a lot of fantastic guests. One of the artists visiting us from Indiana is Jorge Garza, an amazing talent I'm looking forward to meeting.

In fact, I have an exclusive partnership with Garza this year: He's created a special print of El Muerto done in his Azteca Pop style!

This is a fantastic piece, and to be honest I haven't ever commissioned an exclusive El Muerto art print created by another artist. So this will be available in limited supply by Jorge at the show, but if you won't be out on the West Coast to visit the event, you can actually pre-order from Jorge's shop and he'll ship it out after the event. If you're considering getting this fantastic image, please order it and support his efforts!

Thanks and see some of you in Modesto next weekend!

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